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     As an educator, entrepreneur, and financial coach, Tomeka Lynch Purcell is the
    quintessential triple-threat. She specializes in helping establish financial goals, build
    wealth, and changing the way you think about money. A nationally recognized

    financial empowerment coach, mentor, speaker and strategic planner with over 15

    years experience, Tomeka trains individual and collective clients on how to achieve

    personal and professional financial goals. Utilizing her extensive background in

    financial planning, corporate finance, and real estate, Tomeka founded Credit

    Solutions Services, a credit and finance management firm, where she teaches 
    financial stability and wealth that encourages personal and financial assertiveness

    and evolution.
     Her varied experiences have made her deeply aware of how frustrated and

    vulnerable many people feel about dealing with their money, especially after major

    life transitions such as divorce, job changes, or a death in the family. Using this

    as a driving force, Tomeka shares practical solutions that allow clients and

    attendees to up-level their finances and learn efficient & scalable management

    skills, which in many cases increases income and helps build towards a secure

    financial future. 

     Tomeka counts it a privilege to watch others experience a sense of freedom and

   confidence in their ability to not only make money, but make THEIR money matter.

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